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The Accreditation Decision Committee is pleased to inform Atikokan General Hospital that it Accredited under the Qmentum accreditation program.  In a letter to CEO Doug Moynihan, dated March 25. 2019, the Chair of the Accreditation Decision Committee wrote:

“This is a milestone to be celebrated, and we congratulate you and your team for your commitment to providing safe, high quality                                                                     health services.”

 Doug Moynihan, CEO of the Atikokan General Hospital, was pleased with the final outcome of the review.


AGH ready for accreditation site visit...

Accreditation Canada provides the “gold standard” in healthcare practice and when we assess what we do at Atikokan General Hospital against these best practices, make changes accordingly, and measure our performance again, we have the evidence we need to assure the community we are providing the best care possible.

Atikokan General Hospital staff and board members have been diligently assessing practices, changing processes, measuring outcomes and ensuring, with data based evidence, that we are using best practice to provide high quality care. We can be satisfied that we have done our best to “measure up” to the gold standard and we are ready to receive the opinion of Accreditation Canada on our progress.

Accreditation is a journey rather than a destination. There is always room for improvement. Embarking on this ongoing quest for improved quality and patient safety is one of the most effective and satisfying ways for a health services organization to distinguish itself as a leader in its field.




The goal of the hospital for this accreditation cycle (2019-23) will be to achieve fully accredited status in order to maintain credibility in the healthcare field and with our community; demonstrate continuous quality improvement, educate our staff and enable pride in, and acknowledgement of, our successes.


Accreditation: Why It Matters


  • Accreditation represents official recognition of quality or achievement.
  • When healthcare organizations are accredited, they are viewed as having higher quality care.
  • Accreditation is not just a status symbol; it is a process that organizations use to evaluate and improve the quality of their services.
  • Accreditation involves examining “all aspects of health care, from patient safety and ethics to staff training and partnering with the community”.
  • When accreditation is integrated into an organization’s quality improvement program, there is an increased understanding of and attention to quality and safety.
  • It also helps to develop, formalize, and structure existing processes.
  • Changes occur in areas such as decision making, policy development, and nursing organization, among many others.
  • Communication, interdisciplinary teamwork, collaboration and continuity across the continuum of care are direct benefits of the accreditation process.



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