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Quality Management at Atikokan General Hospital

May 7th, 2019

The staff at Atikokan General Hospital are always looking for ways to provide high standard medical care to our patients and residents. We use various means of testing our processes to ensure we are using the best practices in any given area. This is a continuous, ongoing cycle and we use the Accreditation Canada program to help us.

Recently we used Accreditation Canada's quality assessment instruments to give our staff, physicians and board members a chance to tell their story about the Worklife at AGH, the Patient Safety Culture that exists here and what  governance priorities our board members have. The surveys are being analyzed and where improvement is needed, action plans will be developed.

The next step for us will happen in the new year. As of April 2020, Accreditation Canada will provide us with new standards that we will use to assess ourselves. To help organize this process, there will be self assessment questionnaires issued for staff to complete in the various areas of the hospital.

Questionnaires will be issued in the following areas: Governance, Leadership, Long Term Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Department, Infection Control, Managing Medications, Medicine Services, Central Supply and Reprocessing, Community Mental Health/Addictions and Problem Gambling

In March 2023, surveyors of Accreditation Canada will visit Atikokan  to see how we are measuring up to the standards. We have had excellent reviews in the past and are confident our attention to quality management will result in AGH receiving another accredited status award in 2023.

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