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Planned Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to include my wish to leave a gift to the Atikokan General Hospital Foundation in my will?

To be certain that the AGH Foundation receives the gift, you should state your intention in your will. Without a will, your property and finances are settled according to government laws, whether or not they coincide with your - or your family's wishes.

Must I have an estate in order to leave a gift?

An estate is simply a word used to describe any property, money or personal belongings that you may have at the time of your death. Most people leave an estate when they die even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. Anyone can arrange to leave a charitable gift from their estate when they pass away.

How do I leave a gift to the Atikokan General Hospital Foundation?

You can arrange for a gift in several ways, the most common being through a will. Some people specify a certain dollar amount. Others leave a percentage of their estate or any assets before or after their family has been provided for - or something they own, like a car, their home, or a portion/or all of their life insurance policy.

Who can help arrange a gift?

If you have a professional you are working with such as a financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent, please talk to them about leaving a gift.

How do I leave a gift in memory of a person, or for a special purpose?

Such gifts can be arranged in your will. You just need to make it clear that the gift is in memory of a particular person, or for a specific use - such as a piece of equipment, or for a particular area of the hospital.

Can I leave a gift without taking away from what I leave my immediate heirs?

Absolutely. There are many ways to fulfill your charitable wishes while still providing for your family and other loved ones. Many gift-planning options, such as life insurance, allow you to leave a variety of gifts to both family members and a charity.

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