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Planned Giving

'Planned giving' simply means planning now for a gift, which a charity will receive sometime in the future. A donor makes a commitment to make a future gift through their will, life insurance policy or a range of other gift options, often with excellent tax advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Planned Giving?

Gift planning can improve a donor's financial position, and can enable many to make a bigger impact than they ever thought possible. With sound financial planning, gifts of this nature enable the donor to enjoy a tax advantage, while making a significant difference in their community.

In summary, here are the chief benefits to the donor making a planned gift:

  • Significant tax benefits while maintaining financial security for donor and family
  • Ability to make a larger gift to charity than otherwise might be possible
  • Founding a commemorative gift to someone special
  • Providing for endowment which will help future generations
  • Helping to avoid or reduce capital gains taxation
  • Passing assets on to family members at a reduced tax cost
  • A better equipped hospital, meaning better care for you and your family for years to come

The chief benefits to Atikokan General Hospital Foundation are:

  • Long term stability for carrying out our mandate to provide medical equipment and facility improvements
  • Security for future financial planning
  • Ability to recognize donor generosity in the long term

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