Next Step Foot Care


Next Step Foot Care

Next Step Foot Care owned and operated by Brette Cain RPN and FCN specializing  in Basic, Advanced, and Diabetic Foot Care. 

Foot care is a medical treatment and is an essential service that most people don’t think about until they’re in pain. Foot care is even more important if you struggle with diabetes or circulation complications. As a foot care specialist and registered practical nurse, I provide a professional medical service that goes beyond aesthetics to correct or control the underlying problems and prevent further issues. Foot Care services include:

  • Lower limb nursing assessment
  • Triming and filing of nails
  • Reduction and management of ingrown toenails
  • Reduction and management of corns and callouses 
  • Reduction and management of fungal nails
  • Moisturizing foot rub
  • Health teaching
  • Referrals to other health care professionals

“In addition to nursing foot care, a newly added service that I offer is Compression Therapy, I am certified to measure and fit prescription and over-the-counter medical compression stockings and socks. I am the only health care provider that offers this service in Atikokan which is a great service for our community. I can accept referrals from other health care providers or self referrals. Lastly, I am  also the lead foot care nurse educator for north western Ontario which is quite exciting, and will be teaching clinicals in Thunder Bay at the Confederation College.” Brette Cain, RPN, FCN

Available by Appointment: Monday to Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM


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