Atikokan, Ontario

Little Falls in Atikokan, Ontario, CanadaWhen Atikokan's two major employers Steep Rock Iron Mines and Caland Ore ceased operations in the late 1970's, many believed it would become a ghost town. But defying all odds, the people of Atikokan pulled together to rebuild their community and today it has much to offer: a vibrant and growing business sector, warm and welcoming people, the vast wilderness of Quetico Park and White Otter Lake (complete with its own castle) at its doorstep and an interesting variety of sights, services and activities. The economy has diversified and recreation facilities have multiplied.

The area is widely known for its beautiful crystal clear lakes, just one of the many features that has helped to sustain a viable tourist industry. Strong community spirit is evident in this town and many volunteer groups ensure an ongoing variety of activities.




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