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Atikokan General Hospital is a fully accredited 41-bed facility. We offer emergency, acute care (including cardiac care), complex continuing care, long-term care, and a full range of diagnostic services. A team of rehabilitation therapists provide inpatient, outpatient and home care services.

Health care services are provided to all residents of Atikokan and the surrounding area and with a complement of 100 employees, we serve approximately 6,000 outpatients on a yearly basis.

Atikokan General Hospital administers and operates community-based programs including mental health counselling and addictions program, and diabetes counselling. Hospital services are complemented by our partners in healthcare at the Atikokan Family Health Team.

In addition to counselling and family health team services, there are Public Health, children’s services and local pharmacist support in the community.

Our physicians provide 24-hour on-call coverage to the emergency department as well as medical direction and care for the patients and residents of the acute, chronic and long term care beds.



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