Health Records

Atikokan General Hospital

Requesting your health records

 Requests for Reproduction or Viewing of Personal Health Records

1. Individuals will be advised of any applicable fees resulting from the request prior to formally requesting access. 

2. Patients must request access to personal health information in writing using the Consent for Access or Disclosure of Personal Health Information.

Once you have completed the form you can return the form using one of the following methods:

i. Drop it off in-person at the Health Records Office.

120 Dorothy Street
Atikokan, ON

ii. Mail the form to the Health Records Office. 

P.O. Box 2490, 120 Dorothy Street
Atikokan, ON

iii. Fax the form to our Confidential Health Records fax number: 807-597-1210

3. Requests will be forwarded to the Privacy Officer for review and processing.

4. Response will be provided within 30 calendar days. A 30 day extension may be implemented with sufficient reason and communicated to the individual.

5. The Privacy Officer will review the personal health information requested to assess whether: (i) an extension to response may be warranted; or (ii) the request contains any information that may warrant refusal of access as outlined in PHIPA.

Bridget Davidson
Manager, Health Information and Privacy

Atikokan General Hospital
120 Dorothy Street
Atikokan, ON

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

Phone: 807-597-4215 ext. 306

Fax: 807-597-1210


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