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Staff Viewpoint Survey 2013

Staff Viewpoint Survey

October 2013

A tool from Accreditation Canada entitled, “Worklife Pulse Survey” was conducted this month. Results were shared with staff on November 18, 2013.

The CEO sent an email request on October 31/13 to hospital leaders to review the results of the Worklife Pulse Tool survey and be prepared to discuss it as an agenda item at the Department Head  meeting.

Department Head staff were divided into two groups to analyze the survey. The following questions were to be answered:

  • What does your group think the data says?
  • What questions / concerns did you have about the survey?
  • Top three recommended actions

Group 1

  • The survey overall was positive.
  • The responses indicated that we are lacking in some areas.
  • Negative opinions were less than 30%

Group 2

This group chose 4 areas they thought may be areas to work on:

  • ¼ of the respondents said the workplace is stressful
  • A significant number of people feel they are not being given feedback by their supervisors
  • A significant number of people feel they have no opportunities to develop their careers.
  • A number of people feel they are not consulted regarding changes to their job.


It would be helpful to be able to compare the previous survey results to this one [This is available to staff]. Some of the survey answers were conflicting. It would also be helpful to identify the responses by support areas i.e. clinical vs non-clinical so we know where to focus.[This will be taken into consideration for the next Worklife Pulse survey.]


There were no concerns about the survey itself except as noted by Group 1 about conflicting responses.


  • Staff need clear, concise communications. They themselves must be engaged in the communication process.
  • How do we engage staff? Have frontline workers develop/implement guidelines. Nursing monthly meetings with agendas and future meeting dates posted in advance.
  • Annual (or every 2 year) performance appraisals
  • Training for managers re: age/generation gap


  • Stress management/change management training
  • Regular (every 1-2 years) performance appraisals
  • Day to day individual feedback
  • Communication of upcoming training events
  • During the performance appraisal process  identify what training opportunities staff want


Department Head staff will repeat this same process with departmental teams to engage staff and validate the information from the Worklife Pulse Survey. This will ensure staff understand the survey and what the responses are telling us and have staff take ownership of the recommendations made. Single person departments can see the Chief Nursing Officer  to be placed in a group.

The reporting back to the Department Head forum will occur early in the new year. A plan of action will be developed for implementation in April 2014.

March 2013

An analysis of the 2011 in-house Staff Survey results was shared with hospital staff at a Department Head meeting. Feedback was minimal with one department expressing concerns about anonymity in completing the survey. The question put to the departments was whether the satisfiers and dis-satisfiers collected from the survey data were still relevant today. Of the responses received, “communication” is still the #1 concern.

The Atikokan General Hospital conducts a staff survey every 2 years to monitor human resources issues and make improvements in the quality of our work life. Part of the process includes communication to the Board of Directors, Staff and members of the general public on the results of the survey and how we intend to strengthen the quality of work life here at Atikokan General.

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