Have you heard? As of November 12th, 2018, the AGH has welcomed Dr. Nelson Lyon to the practice full-time. This exciting addition brings our current roster to 6 physicians. If you would like more information, or are interested in a family physician, please contact the clinic at 597-2721 to find out which doctors are taking patients. Check out the full write up regarding out new addition, featured in the Atikokan Progress below:
“Three more physicians for Atikokan Atikokan Medical Associates Physician recruitment efforts have experienced great successes this past year with another three physicians coming on board the Atikokan Medical Associates (AMA) within the next few months. Dr. Nelson Lyon will be joining the practice full-time effective November 12, 2018 along with Dr. Carla Barkman and Dr. John Fotheringham, who will be returning to work January 1, 2019, bringing the group to eight physicians. With capacity greatly increased Dr. Sara Van Der Loo will reduce her practice to part-time, allowing her a better work-life balance. With the addition of new primary care providers, the AMA and Atikokan Family Health Team have collaborated to introduce a shared care model of healthcare to community patients. This approach uses the skills and knowledge of both physicians and nurse practitioners to share joint responsibility in caring for patients. The providers monitor and exchange information regarding the patients’ health. As these teams share an electronic medical record the physicians and nurse practitioners have access to the same medical data in the patient chart and maintain open communication regarding the patients’ care. Shared care is the opportunity for patients to see the provider of their choice, whether that be their family physician or a nurse practitioner. Patients who roster to family physicians however may also use the services of the nurse practitioners. The choice is given to the patient to make use of the service that best suits their needs and preference for care for their visit. If you are not rostered to a family physician, please call the clinic at 597-2721 to find out which doctors are taking patients. If you are interested in booking a medical appointment please call either the clinic for a doctors’ appointment or the health team for a nurse practitioner appointment. If you have any questions on how best to have your needs met feel free to call either location for support.” – Atikokan Progress
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