After a recent announcement from the Ministry, we would like to update you on a few changes to visitation for Extended Care Wing:

Effective immediately, up to two people at a time can now visit a Long Term Care resident outdoors. Visitors outside no longer need to show they’ve taken a COVID-19 test in the previous two weeks, however they must continue to wear a mask during their visit, perform hand hygiene and practice physical distancing.

On July 22, non-essential indoor visits, which are currently limited to essential workers and families of palliative residents, will be permitted. They will also have a two-person limit. Indoor visitors must attest to having a negative COVID-19 test in the previous two weeks, they must also wear a procedure mask provided by the hospital and must perform proper hand hygiene.

Please note: All visits must be scheduled in advance (at minimum 1 day before). You can schedule your visit with your loved one by calling 597-4215 ext. 371.

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