Public Announcement: Covid Screening Kiosks

Atikokan General Hospital Services

AGH is transitioning to Screening Kiosks on Wednesday, July 20th.  The Kiosks will be located in the Main Lobby, the ECW Entrance, and the Lower Service Entrance.

When you arrive at AGH to visit the Lab, Diagnostic Imaging, the Assessment Centre, or to visit a loved one, please ensure you wear a mask, sanitize your hands and then simply tap the screen anywhere to begin. 

Select the reason for your visit:  visitor or staff.  The kiosk will bring you through a series of questions.  Once complete, the Kiosk will provide you with a sticker you can wear to indicate that you have passed the screening and will direct you to proceed to the area you are visiting.  In the event that you do not pass, please contact the department you were here to visit and let them know.

We thank you for your patience as we make this transition and hope that you find the new kiosks easy to use.


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